About us – SilkAero
Who we are

We are a team of committed and experienced aviation professionals from across the globe, deeply familiar with airworthiness, legislation, asset acquisition, purchasing, flight brokerage and freight logistics. On top of that, we enjoy the benefits of our extensive network of experts in the tourism, real estate, entertainment and legal services. Our capabilities spread all over Europe and Asia, thanks to our intercontinental human capital and resources.

Based on that array of advantages, we can accommodate and fulfil all your aviation requirements, either directly or through our efficient agency services, for sales promotion, flight brokerage, asset acquisition, spares management, logistics, legislation compliance and certifications. Besides, you can count on our business ties and associations to ensure the best support for your investment ideas in the hottest emerging industry sectors of today’s Southern Europe, including tourism, real estate and entertainment.

  • Aviation Consultation
    Provide reliable consultation about airworthiness, legislation and asset management
  • Aviation & Logistics Services
    Fulfil your requirements in acquisition, purchasing, flight brokerage and freight logistics
  • Investments Management
    Make sound and profitable investments in aviation, logistics, tourism, real estate
  • Tourism, Entertainment & Real Estate
    Collaboration and advice for your successful diversification into these expanding fields
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